Big Game Room


The Big Game Room Arcade is packed with games, rides, experiences and prizes for all ages!

The arcade features nearly 200 of the biggest and best games from the latest video and prize games to amazing virtual reality!

You and your family can try and solve your way out of two highly themed Escape Rooms. One challenges you to escape from a cursed, ancient Egyptian tomb, the other drops you in the middle of a government bunker during a zombie apocalypse where you race against time to save your group.

Experience virtual reality like never before! The Arena Ultimate VR Experience is incredible! Move freely in a giant arena with your friends and family and truly put yourself in the game.

Ride through incredible 3D visuals and extreme movement in the XD Motion Theater. Plus, you can duck and dodge lasers as you maneuver through four game experiences in Laser Frenzy.

When you're done playing games, redeem your Prize Points at our huge Prize Counter. Packed with treasures, this shopping experience provides prizes for every member of your family.


DAILY: 11am - 10pm
For your safety, the hours of operation for this outlet may fluctuate during your stay.


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